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Principles of Software Quality Management

Poor Man's Approach To start the conversation, let's first examine a wide spread idea of quality management: Quality is a compromise between Scope, Resources and Schedule (The Iron Triangle of Projects); and, Bugs must be prioritized based on Impact and Likelihood. Based on a metaphor it shows why the above idea is a very limited and an impractical approach to software quality management, and it allows us to immediately make two conclusions: software development is a society and QA is the hospital in that society; people that get ill are sent to the hospital to get cured. Quality is non-negotiable: letting people die is always unacceptable; Prioritizing won't improve anything: it won't reduce the number of people getting ill. Principles of Software Quality Management Quality of software is measured through bugs. There is no known or set formula to quantify the software quality, but what is measured is number of bugs and this is the basis to imply the quality. T