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External Services Integration Strategies

In today's world, the systems you are developing are not isolated, they need many different integrations with other external services. From Authentication Systems (using SAML, LDAP, OIDC) to Data and Processing Systems (Malware Analysis, CRMs, Ticketing Systems). Although the number of actual systems to integrate with is vast, luckily the Use Cases and types of integrations are manageable. Here we will discuss popular Use Cases and list integration strategies to accomplish them. Use Case 1: Transfer the User from your System to the External Service In this scenario, the User is working in your system and is now required to access specific functionality in an External Service. The following steps must happen: the service must be located, the user must be authenticated, and the right interface/data must be presented. 1.1 Service Locator Integration Your system understands how to find the specific service, the user does not need to remember the location of the external service