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Tom Burger is a specialist in the field of software architecture & design and strategic software development. Amsterdam is his hometown.

Software Architecture & Design: Agile Software

Organizations often claim they are Agile but forget that the software should be agile. Agile software is software that can easily be transformed to accommodate the always evolving business needs. If your organization encounters issues that development teams are pushing back on changes to the software, then they are most likely indicating that the software became [too] complex to alter. The engineering team was not able to adopt agility into their software.

A software assessment and software development training can turn this around, and restore your development velocity needed to succeed in your business.

Organization: Strategic Software Development

Strategic software development is focussed around structuring your technology organization so that your resources are working on realizing your future business opportunities. Too often, too many resources are spent into addressing only today's issues. The organization does want to move forward but is somehow paralyzed by this "firefighting". Luckily, there is a way out. This is a symptom of not having the right processes and team structure into place to control the balance between sustenance and strategic work. Introducing well-defined processes and improve team structure will resolve this issue.

An organizational assessment with an improvement plan can enable you to improve and mature your processes and organizational structure to control the resources spend on sustenance and allow you to work strategic development.


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